Why another web developer blog?

by Orlando Brown

There is over 7.53 billion people in the world all with individual stories. How many will we know about?

Well, to be honest I'm not interested in presenting something that has been done to death. I actually have had enough of reading articles on medium, dev.to and others about the same topics regarding programming (specifically) javascript frameworks, functional programming etc.

Sharing experiences as a web developer
Depending on how you choose to receive it

I was encouraged many times to start a blog and share my journey as a web developer, but at the time I felt I had nothing to offer, as my main points of reference (et al medium, stack, etc) seem to answer all everything. So how could I help anyone else. However over time I started asking my own questions no one could answer, leaving me to discover them for my self.

This blog intends to explore the nuances in and in between the learning, the experiences and the battles we have developing the amazing applications we build. Some posts will be my thoughts, questions, discoveries, the odd guide and more importantly my honest point of view on how and what I believe we should be doing with all this technology were building.

You will find I have strong opinions about a fair number of things, from code to life, all of it your welcome to agree or disagree, I hope to learn from this experience and learn from yours so its all good what ever comes from this.

I hope your able to get something from this.