To Fullstack or not to Fullstack

by Orlando Brown

Why do we get drawn into these pointless and meaningless definitions and buzzwords?

If it's one phrase I truly despise the most it's the one that goes "jack of all trades master of none".

The person who came up with this phrase was a single minded tunnel vision hater. You know those people who are simply jealous that you can do more than one thing or have more than one interest.

What do you really want?
You should define whats important to you.

I have acquired skills and knowledge from all my experiences. Short, small, long and large. I have worked in customer services, sales, delivery, burger flipping (where I'm from your not real if you didn't do the standard McDonald's job in your teens. It teaches you humility and patience), secretarial work, data entry, stock room operations, and studio engineering. And all this was before I started university.

University taught me a whole heap of other things and I gained new skills during that time also.

If your like me, who knows how to apply and use life's lessons to everyday problems you see the world slightly different. For example I grew up in the 80's where we had VHS tapes, my logic was if you can operate a video player you can operate a washing machine and visa versa. To me it was the same, it took a command and executed it. All you had to do was experiment a bit to find the right buttons to press.

Some people read manuals some press buttons and hope for something to happen. Nothing wrong with either approach. (Albeit back then you could potentially break it lol)

There's nothing wrong with being curious and interested in other things. And no, you won't miss out or be distracted, providing your honest to yourself about whether or not it's really for you.

Recently at work a conversation about "...what is a Full Stack Developer?" came up and the same typical comments as mentioned above came flying out of my colleagues mouths without even a thought to where they got that thinking from.

Me being me, I interjected and asked what does it matter in the grand scheme of things? We all have our specialities in this office, we all know who to lean on when we get a little lost in areas we are not familiar with and if it is an area that interests us we naturally pay attention and soak up all the information we can to solve our problem. So who really cares.

Forget the buzz words and do what you love and if it is to be a full stack developer, you define what that means so that you do not get lost in all the fog.