Challenging your comfort zone

by Orlando Brown

Knowing when to take the training wheels off and really understand how things work.

Hands up how many of you waited for React to mature a bit more before getting into it? How many made the jump whenreact@0.13.0-beta.1 arrived or when Create-React-App was released?

Well I was one. Prior to then I played about with React but was still happy with Angular's all in one solution. Until I stumbled across CRA, and thought cool, I dont have to learn all this boilerplate just to get something up and running.

Challenging you to rise above the fear of the unknown in web development

Few months deep into a new project went by and that dreaded moment came when I had to take the training wheels off. The feeling of losing my safety blanket started approach. I needed to add some functionality that required me to eject the project and start getting into the nitty gritty of what webpack is really doing.

I was reluctant at first and investigated many workarounds to avoid having to lose the comfort of having all the work done for me. But it had to be done.

But before I ejected I decided to take time with webpack's documentation and really embrace the horror to come. Well that is what I thought. The thing is, i've learned over the many years solving problems to be never afraid of the new. Because you always get used to it. We quickly forget how simple it is while it becomes second nature.

What baffles me is, as a kid I was always curious and fearless. I would dismantle my sony walkman, piece by piece and put it back together again and it be good as new. Along with my atari 2600, my commodore 64 and many other gadgets and toys. I recall repairing family turntable (phono/vinyl player for the millennials reading this) many times, along with finding abandoned old speakers in an attempt to build my own personal sound system. More on this another time.

So why is it that im older I sometimes find my self afraid to get under the hood of some code to see whats really going on. I think it might be laziness or having it to good not fully sure on that one. Either way I strongly suggest to find the time to be curious and tap into that fearless side and take a peak behind vale, its not that scary. I promise.